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Your Website Is Not A Brochure

Even though it’s been said many times, “your website is no brochure” many small businesses still have a web design firm create a website that never gets updated, that never engages the customer in meaningful conversation. It’s time to think differently about how you interact with your customers.

Not too long ago small businesses would hire a brochure designer to condense their business onto 6 glossy panels. The brochure would then become the routine way of followup communication with new customers. Shortly after a potential customer chatted with you on the phone they would receive that glossy representation in the mail as a way of saying thanks for the call. If you didn’t send a brochure of some type you risked not landing a new customer.

Brochures aren’t dead but their day in the sun is over. Your website is now the main source of information about your business. People often will find your website before the first contact, bypassing your neatly constructed phone spiel. Those customers who once waited to receive a neatly folded brochure now want to be included in your decision making, they now want to have a say about your products and services.

In Linchpin Seth Godin emphasizes the importance of having lots of linchpins within an organization. In the quote below he’s talking about people but he just as well could be talking about websites when he uses the term “essential element.”

“Every successful organization has at least one linchpin;
some have dozens or even thousands. The linchpin is the essential element, the person who holds part of the operation together. Without the linchpin, the thing falls apart.”

Your website is a linchpin in today’s world of doing business, your sales and relationships depend on your website. Without an engaging website things will indeed “fall apart.”

Ask yourself, is my business website doing all it can to meet the needs of customers and potential customers? And, is my website doing enough to include the customer in an ongoing conversation, an engaging conversation?

People are pivoting their decisions about you and your company on your website, your site is the linchpin. Your website is no brochure sitting on the edge of a customers desk in Toledo.


Seth Godin talks about post-industrial and his book Linchpin (part 1)

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