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competitive advantage

My Uncle Pete had a candy store for decades, each day before he opened for business he would use a long handled squeegee to wash the glass in the front windows. And then with a clean rag he would polish the glass in the front door till it was streak free. Once the windows where done he would rearrange the window displays by adding and subtracting seasonal objects he’d made by hand, then he’d open for business.

I asked Uncle Pete more than a few times why, why did he spend over an hour each morning before he opened the candy store cleaning the glass and creating completely new window displays everyday?  My uncle would tell me that the two things he repeated every morning let the customer know he cared about his  business and about them.  Cleaning the glass was to make the store shine and creating new displays was to tug at the curiosity of the people passing by.

My uncle’s candy shop followed the web model of marketing decades before these was even a thought of the web, or of creating an online presence for your business. People stopped each and everyday to see what new delights my uncle created in each of his shop windows, they’d wave and smile and of course many would come inside to buy at least one piece of candy.

If your web content is unique, useful, and updated regularly your business has a huge
competitive advantage.


Your Business Web Presence Is A
Reflection Of You And Your Business

Think about your website as a reflection of your business and of you as the business owner. This info is available for everyone to see 24/7. And believe me people will poke around your website to find out if you’re the company they want to do business with. Here are 8 questions every business needs to answer for the foundation of their website.

Today in the 21st Century people expect answers to their questions before they spend time of money with a business. Your competitors are creating information for their customers, so you need to ask at what level are you creating information for those same customers.

  • What you do that is more unique, different or better than our competitors
  • What you do that will create a better customer experience
  • How you stand behind your products and services
  • Why you encourage your customers to ask lots of questions
  • Why should customers do business with you
  • Have I hired the right people and why
  • Are you always on the look out for trends and new products?
  • Are you active on Social Media with news, discounts and events?
  • …and much, much more!
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