Why Not Take A Leap Into Creativity

why not take a leap

Others have seen what is and asked why.
I have seen what could be and asked why not.

Pablo Picasso

Most of us have come up against a situation where playing it safe was the easy choice, where not rocking the boat or putting our neck out and following a new path was the prudent choice. These decisions we made might have been a result of our not seeing any alternatives rather than made out of fear of losing our job or the admiration of our coworkers, only we ourselves know for sure why we pulled on the reins to slow the horse from jumping the fence.

But opportunities to expand and leap down the rabbit hole of creativity present themselves every time we turn the corner to face a new challenge in our job as well as our personal lives. These opportunities to do things differently are begging us to take a chance and do things differently, to throw out the tired routines we’ve been carrying around with us for what seems like forever. If we don’t now invite the opportunity of creativity into our lives, when will we.

The next time a creative opportunity knocks on your door ask yourself, Why Not?

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