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Who is Your Audience?

who is your audience
Who Is Your Audience, Do You Know?

Unless you’re selling water in the desert, not everyone wants or needs to buy your products and services.There are people who want your products and people who have no interest in the services you offer. Targeting those who want what you sell is where you want to spend your marketing dollars, and where you want your marketing energy to be focused. Money spent targeting those with little or no interest is a bit like using a fire hose to put out a candle it sure is a waste of good water.

Set Aside Time to Ask and Answer The Question,
Who Is Your Audience?

If you aren’t quite sure what’s on the minds of your customers you’ll want to spend time asking them, start with a few you know well and then add a few more so you get a decent collection of answers. Here are 10 questions to get you started. Change and add to the list so it fits your business but remember to find out what your customer is thinking not what you’re thinking.

What’s the primary reason you do business with me?

Which of my product or services is of most and least value to you as a customer?

What new products or services would you like to see?

When you have questions are they answered quickly and completely?

Are the hours of my business convenient?

Would you like to see how-to videos on my business website?

Would a blog about topics surrounding my business be a resource you’d like to see?

Would online ordering with free or low-cost delivery be of interest?

Would you like to see appointments for consultations?

Should I offer coupons and event notices on my website?

Once your website is up you can have an ongoing campaign of asking questions of those who visit your website. I guarantee that your customers will always have questions on their minds about your products and services, some of the questions will be ones you’ve never thought of.

Once you have a fair idea of your audience you’ll want to use that information to meet their needs on your website. There are dozens of options that can be added to your business website but you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with cutting edge content if they have no use for that type of content or gadgets.

Above all you’ll want to make sure your website is user-friendly so your users don’t quickly become frustrated and go to a competitors website. Your website needs to reflect your audience needs and desires, a website is not about its owner or designer it’s about meeting the customer on their turf. Nearly 50% of web searches are now done on phones or tablets so your website needs to take that into account.

Asking who is your audience could be the most important question you’ll ask as you build or update your business website. Your customers have questions, answer those question simply and clearly and they’ll reward you.

What kind of Content Type will your business website be created around?