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Definition Of A Web Page

definition of a web page

A Simple Definition Of A Web Page

More often than you may think people search for or ask for a clear and easy definition of a web page. And some even request the answer be written out on a piece of paper with arrows and icons pointing and surrounding a diagram for an easy to comprehend explanation of a web page.

A web page is at it’s heart an empty container (something into which other things can be put). The container holds text, images and media in a structure making it possible for anyone using a web browser or mobile device connected to the internet to see it. And in many cases to interact with the information contained within the container (web page).

Web pages also can be presented on a single computer or network that is not connected to the internet and in this example the web pages would be for private view only.

It may be easier to define a web page container if you think of  a sheet of paper laid out on your desk, the sheet of paper is itself a container that you can write on, you can draw on and you can even attach items like pictures and graphs to if you have a little glue or tape. The real difference between a sheet of paper and a web page is, all the information attached to a web page is digital and all the information attached to a sheet of paper is tangible.

So when someone asks for the definition of a web page you can tell the person asking for it to be defined that, a web page is a digital piece of paper that you can attach digital text, images and multimedia to.

What does a simple web page look like?
Well now that you know the definition of a web page so let me lay out the code for the most simple web page imaginable.

<title> Definition of a Web Page</title>
Hello World!
I created this to for people who wanted a definition of a web page.

The tag labeled <HTML> is the start of the web page and the tag with the slash </html> is the end of the web page. If you were looking at this web page in a web browser you would only see the greeting and the sentence I wrote within the opening and closing <body> tags.

It really is as simple as it looks above. Of course there are hundreds of additions and variations that make a web page more complicated but, if you just want to have a page that leaves a text message for someone the above example will do the trick.