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Connecting With Social Media

When it comes to connecting with people using Social Media I don’t think there is a better platform than your business website. Your website should have clearly marked social media icons and calls to action asking your users to connect with you.

People are spending over 2 hours each day on their smart phones, tablets and computers, and this is over and above the time they spend online doing work. What a wonderful opportunity to connect your business with more people. Todays mobile consumer is social and smart and wants to connect with you.

Here are 5 powerful reasons you should be connecting with social media.


  1.  Increased Visibility
    Connecting with social media is much like building neon signs around the Internet, neon signs blinking out the message that your business is open and wants to connect with new people. Each of your profiles lets the Internet traveler know there’s something new and something worth their time of slowing down for a moment to check it out.


  2. Increased Loyalty
    No one will argue that the more you connect with a customer and their needs the deeper their loyalty to you and your business grows. Social Medias give you an arsenal of tools to better connect with users and turn them into customers.


  3. Increased Traffic
    Without social media your website sits on an island waiting for people to find it using a search engine. But each active social media profile adds another path directly back to your website and as your activity grows on those profiles so to does the traffic to your website. The deeper and richer the content you’re syndicating is, the more eyes fall onto your business.


  4. Increased Search Engine Rankings
    There’s no denying the importance of having your business show up in search results as close to the top as possible. Increasing your foot print and engagement on social media will help move your business higher up the search pages ladder.


  5. Increased Customer Knowledge
    Your customers want to know more about your products and services and social media is the perfect place for them to ask questions. Running contests, polls and questionnaires on your social media properties is a great way to better understand what your customers are thinking.

TIP: Put your social media icons not only on every page of your website but also put them on the top and bottom of each of those pages. And ask your visitors to connect with you.

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