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Today over 40% of web searches are carried out on a mobile device (smartphones - tablets). With so many people looking at your website with a small screen you need a responsive website that will adapt its look to any size screen. Beyond adapting to size it's also vital to adapt the message. Messages need to be punchy, clear and useful.

Take a look at this recent screen shot, see how the graphic lays out the message about services offered clearly and with a bit of an edge that makes it stand out. This graphic fits perfectly on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. We used similar panels throughout the website, but we also included all the traditional information for anyone who wants more of the story including over 10 short videos.

manchester foreign auto

Our Latest Project

Creating a website where the goal is to promote a person can be difficult to say the least. But putting the subject front and center goes a long way toward solving that problem.

This particular website promotes the subject using both her blog posts from another site mixed with a number of posts just for the Taylored Wisdom itself, a bit unorthodox but something that works well for the client.

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Here Are 3 Infographics We've Created At Organic Hat - Check Out Our Infographics Page For More Examples.

Photos with quotes or advertising
messages increase Social Media
interaction 2 to 3 times over the
result of posts without media.

It's possible to build a whole
family of image/quote
promotions for you business
simply and economically.

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