Step Up The Quality of Your Content Creation

Things Change and Creating Content and SEO are not Immune

    1. It used to be we would try to get all our back links built around a couple of keywords so we could dominate search results for those keywords. And if you are still doing that now it’s time to change your tactics. The gold standard is having links pointing back to your website composed of longer phrases that likely occur in everyday speech and writing.Example: Businesses formerly used keywords of one or two words such as Ice Cream, Ice Cream Vendor or Frozen Desserts as anchors for backlinks. Now you want those words as part of a longer sentence where 5 or 6 words are part of the actual link such as, Every summer there is a rush at the local corner stores for premium ice cream. This is more natural and offers an easy way to incorporate variety into your linking campaign. People and Search engines will more easily understand the meaning of the link.


    2. Another mantra being heard over and over is, the more content you create the better you will rank in search results. This way of thinking can put a wrench in your business plan for success.Think about it this way, with so many people creating such a huge deluge of content fewer there is a smaller and smaller chance of anyone seeing your content. The trick is to create content that is fresh and engaging, create content that grabs hold of the reader and won’t let go until they’ve finished reading it. Oh sure you want to create more but it has to answer real questions and give the reader something they can use right away.


    3. Recent studies have shown the readers have become bored with the daily content that most businesses produce and are just skipping it. Interactive and remarkable is what more and more users have come to expect if they are going to give their time to your content.Here’s a presentation from Slide Shore that delves deeper into the marrow of the matter.


Here’s a presentation from SlideShare that delves deeper into the marrow of the matter.

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