Starbucks Takes Up More Room In Grocery Stores

Starbucks wants its coffee to be the first thing you grab in the morning — from your own kitchen. The Seattle-based coffee chain, which over the last two decades has grown its cozy cafe brand to include thousands of locations on six continents, has plans to introduce branded coffee kiosks, called “Signature Aisles,” to supermarkets across the U.S. in the coming months.



It’s by no means a homerun for the Seattle based coffee company. Grocery stores are known for their cutthroat competition between vendors and as we all know coffee is big business. Starbucks holds some huge cards when it sits down at the table with grocery store buyers but there are many others sitting around the table as well and they too have the buyer ear.

Starbucks customers are known for spending more money on their beans than say the DD crowd and that alone sets the mouths of grocery store buyers watering. If these new kiosks can bring in bigger spenders that spending is bound to spill over into the other aisles of the stores.

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