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7 Seconds Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure When Doing Business On The Web

People arrive at your web site looking for information that will meet their needs. Once your web site starts filling their browser you have 7 seconds to convince them to stay and read more. That's 7 seconds to convince them you have the information, product or service that will fill their need.

You must grab and hold heir focus in 7 seconds, if you have movies that take too long to load or flash intros that eat up their time chances are they will move on to the next web site.

Stop The Back Button

You don't want a potential client hitting the back button before your site has even loaded. And no your site does not have to load in all browsers in one or two seconds, but the user wants to start scanning and reading something almost immediately.

You want to make sure your content meant to catch a users eye is at or near the top of the web site. Load time can be slow or fast depending on the service your user visits your site with, overcome the differences with crisp content that grabs the users eye and gets them to stay and look around.


Such a small amount of time (7 Seconds). Seems
hard to believe someone could decide the value
of your products and services in less time then it
takes to open your car door and get behind the wheel.

In 7 Seconds your users can

Start a conversation

Kiss their sweety

Squeeze mustard on a hot dog

Twirl in a circle

Pick up the phone and say hello

Come in

Go out

Climb stairs

End a conversation

Decide to stay or go from your web site.

You pour money and time into creating and building
your business
and having your web site
created. Then what do you do, cross your fingers?

what do you do next to promote business

Tip One
Start with Seth Godin's 3U's to build a strong
foundation for success. The 3U's are
Unique - Useful - Updated
Both users and search engines are looking
for web sites that offer these 3 important pieces.

Tip Two
You can have your web site updates done in house
or you can hire someone outside of your business
to keep the site humming along. If you want new
business to come from your web site then plan on
spending time or cash to update your site.
A web site not updated quickly falls into
search engine nonexistence.

Tip Three
Promote your web site at every opportunity.

Using content islands like a blog is a great way to
transfer some juice back to your web site. This
blog deals mostly with Flash Fiction or Short
. Even though it is not about web design
and marketing it is useful in creating juice that
in turn creates more traffic to this web site.
It is kind of like watering your garden.

Another Great Idea

Got a hobby or passion that relates to your business?
Create a widget highlighting that idea. An example
is Swicki. A Swicki is a search widget that centers around
one word or idea. This Swicki centers around
New Hampshire and can go on a number of web sites. The
Open Site is based in New Hampshire and the Swicki topic
is centered around NH. It builds search engine juice.





offline marketing


Micro-Site Promotion

Micro-Sites allow you to set up a satellite site strategy that feeds traffic and search to your main web site.

A well thought out micro strategy can pay big dividends to your business and may be just what you are looking for in your overall promotion strategy.

You can split off content from your brand to create new and vital sub-brands. The sub-brands in turn can feed traffic and search recognition to your main web site.





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