Is Your Blog Surrounded By Potholes?

Take a drive through any city in the Northeastern U.S. (1) and you’ll notice there are more hollowed out potholes in the industrial and poorer neighborhoods than in the commercial and upper income neighborhoods. The reasons are varied but easily come down to the tired old cliche: “the squeaky wheel gets it’s potholes fixed first.”

Walk or drive around any good sized city and you’ll also notice the streets with less potholes attract more people who gawk and willingly hand over their precious attention and cash. The businesses along the streets lined with tire eating potholes are lucky if they get any attention at all, let alone cash.

Streets curbed with granite buttressing the fashionable brick sidewalks are appealing to both the city residents and the out-of-towners, and if you throw in majestic trees every 20 feet you’ve built yourself an attention magnet along with a money machine.

People like to give their attention where they think authority resides, even if it that authority is all illusion. This is true in cities, fashion, automobiles, hotels, restaurants and (surprise) it’s true in blogging as well.

Sloppy writing, sub-par images, and failure to take the reader into account all belong to a blogging street full of potholes.When a reader finds their way into your neighborhood and sees all the potholes they’ll quickly turn around and run (not walk) to the nearest escape route (back button) they can find.

Blogging Potholes

Fix Your Blogging Potholes For Good.

1. Blogging Potholes

Your company blog does not mirror the company philosophy.

You probably collect ideas on post-it notes, in a notebook-journal or if it’s a great idea on the inside of your arm using a felt pen. Ideas never run out but remembering them is another story, and while I’m sure all your ideas deserve to be shared with somebody a company blog may not be the best medium of choice.

It’s rather easy to think sharing all your ideas on the company blog will create a rush of new clients and customers never seen before..Well, it could do that or it could (more likely) drive away some of your already loyal partners, customers and clients and they may not tell you why they left.

Before you recoil at the thought of having to write only dry and boring blog pieces about the company softball games or the kite flying expedition in team building your company has done for 25 years, take a breath.

Once you’ve collected your wits go around and talk with a handful of those in the know and create a mind map of goals and philosophy. Use the mindmap, flash cards or posters to define where the company is and where is wants to be, then blog away with all your wonderful and original ideas that help propel the company forward in it’s goals and philosophy.

And remember to let your creative flag fly, having an outline to work with can be exciting and rewarding.

“There’s a

Modern times have completely changed the way we handle businesses. Today, most businesses are run online, with many people investing in digital marketing methods like content marketing, search engine optimizations, social media, and other websites. When a company owns a website, they would be inclined to optimize it for the best traffic and thus sales. Taking an instance of a tub shower faucet set website, there are a few elements that would make the product and the website stand out altogether and attract intended traffic. These elements of the website are as described below.




The primary attraction feature for most products worldwide is the sight. When a product has a beautiful and attractive view, everyone will be inclined to want to know more about it. When the different designs of tub shower faucet sets are well-arranged within the website, their details are neat and easy to read, and the website is appealing to the eye, traffic ought to flow in your website. In addition, if a website features all its elements in a way that best anticipates what the clients would be looking for, they are then not forced to filter through many details. Such an experience leaves a better impression on the potential clients. Best designs are ones done by professionals who have taken the time with your products and have a vast pool of experience in web design. They enable you to make a good impression on your prospective clients and highly affect the potential sales. A good design also shows that you have a taste in quality products and thus plays a part in building trust in your potential customer.


Relevant Content


All you want to do on your website is to push sales for your shower faucet sets. Therefore, the content that is put on the website should match the intended purpose. The images and other media uploaded on the website should be directly tied to shower faucet sets. Description details should be in line with the photos and directly tied to the tub shower faucet sets. Content also plays a part in search engine optimization as it is the material used by search engines to look up what a person is searching for. Hence, relevant content can get higher placements among the top websites suggested by the search engine to whoever is looking for the products. Irrelevant information makes the website flat, and visitors lack significance or connection to your material. Therefore, irrelevant content ends up driving down traffic to your site and thus driving down potential sales. A good tub shower faucet website combines a good design with relevant material that relates to the customers’ needs.


website design style


Easy to navigate


When you have all your content about the shower tub faucet gathered together, it is time to arrange it so that the client can easily navigate through all products. The best shower faucet websites clearly align each category of products, how they are used, and how a …

Depending on the size of your business you’ll have a different outlook when it comes to spending money on a website and it’s ongoing marketing and promotion. It’s certainly an understandable that if you business is grossing under 250,000 each year spending 8 to 10 percent of that on marketing may seem over the top.but if you are grossing over 1,000,000 each year spending 8 to 10 percent won’t cause you to stay awake nights.


It’s important to know if you want your business to grow or to stay where it is currently before you decide on a budget for marketing.


Once a concept design has excited the organization or person responsible for marketing they normally strive to get just what they have foreseen. Thus, it’s extremely essential to make sure that your site design appears dynamic, attractive and interesting. Website design is a favorite field in the sector and there are a plethora of website design businesses. So that your site design ought to be niche friendly and should able to supply the very best in that niche. Customized CAD design can be supplied by certain businesses whose specialty is in 3D Models and 3D Modeling.


Web design can improve the quality of your goods and your brand. Relevant and intriguing content Only custom web design isn’t everything of a web site. If you’ve got an attractive web design, it can do amazing things for your organization development. Responsive web design isn’t just restricted to beautiful designs and fashionable templates. Small small business web design requires a sufficient budget to design website, promote to gain clients. It helps a business to grow larger and increase the number of customers to reach your business.

Small Business Web Design

Web Strategies reports average marketing spending in 2018 was 7.9% of revenues, with B2B product companies spending 6.3%, B2B services companies spending 6.9%. B2C companies spent slightly more on average, with product companies spending 9.6% and B2C services companies spending 11.8%.


The site company should have positive function in improving the business enterprise. To stay within budget and steer clear of extra expenditure, it is recommended that you elect for a site design business that is efficient enough to offer you an effective cheap web page design that won’t only suit your budget perfectly but also increases the internet presence. A superb site design company should know that online marketing is essential in bringing visitors for your industry. For the internet success of your site, it’s imperative you select a fantastic site design company for designing your site. For this reason, you ought to be very careful when selecting an internet design company for your website requirements.


       A Man Who Stops Advertising To Save Money Is Like A Man Who Stops A Clock To Save Time.

                Henry Ford

Advantages of online marketing With online advertising consultants you will have the ability to market your organization in the very best possible way. If you’ve got an internet business, you have to have …

Are you looking to inspire more green bomber jacket mens collections online through a creative website? If you want to launch an online platform to sell out your pilot, or fighter jackets, then having an innovative, well-accessible, and colorful website might be just what you need to increase your sales. So, what does it take to take your website to the next level when showcasing your clothing line?


Why you should invest in creative web design


The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industries that exist. Not only from the brands that have already established a name for themselves but also among vendors, who have to cater to the constantly changing customer tastes and preferences. And yes, the green bomber will always be in style, but you still need to make customers choose you. And having the right design on your blog is the first place to start.


To stand out, you must put in measures to differentiate yourself from other people offering the same service. Using the latest web design techniques can help you climb the ranks to a spot on the catwalk isles and online fashion success.

Creative Website Design

Fashion Design Web Design Inspirations


Being one of the most desirable markets globally, the fashion industry affects every human’s life in one way or another. At one point, someone has to buy some clothing, whether online or in an outlet store. Many more people are now in school studying fashion.


Fashion houses go to great lengths to generate interest among customers, but how well you perform depends on how you present your product. Well, green bomber jacket men’s collections have been in style since world war I and still going strong, but that only means you need more creativity to stand out in the market.


To make your impression in the market, you will need to do everything you can to stand out and beat your competition. If that is not motivation enough to reconsider your fashion web design, I don’t know what is.


Web design trends that could work for you


What you are selling and how you present it to potential customers will affect the general outlook of your website. How well you want to represent your brand will motivate your creativity, and if that is the case, below are some design trends that could work for your green bomber jacket for men.


1. Use of tiles or cards


Using tiles or cards on your website presents many products on your web page, making it easier for the customer to view your collection without loading and reloading new pages every time. You can use these tiles on the web’s homepage. This way, you can help your potential clients focus on your essential products. So, the tiles will feature your green bomber jacket men’s collection worn by models in different areas or backgrounds.


2. Minimalist approach


In today’s world, little is more. You do not want …

How are your fingers doing today? If you find yourself typing with some difficulty, it could be because you need a new Apple Watch strap. If you have been hunting for a unique Apple watch strap with no luck, your search ends by finding The website has a stunning design, which makes the strap look irresistible. The company offers an unending variety of straps that can be paired with any model to give it your personal touch.


You might be wondering what makes stand out more than online sellers. Well, it all starts wh a creative website design that engages your target audience. Here are some tips you can use to creative website design for selling Apple Watch straps online.

selling Apple Watch straps online


1. An eye-catching header.


A header makes the reader curious. Make sure the font size is large enough for everyone to read but do not make it too big, or else people will feel overwhelmed and leave without even reading any of your content. You can also consider using creative website design techniques like adding a background image behind the text, so it pops out more.

2. A page layout that is easy to understand.


A clean and neat design makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need quickly without being distracted by too many fancy things going on at once. You can still use a creative website design for your business but do not go overboard with the details. You might intimidate customers instead of attracting them.


When selling Apple watch straps online, you can add a section of the website that has vibrant images and videos. This will give customers a better feel of how it looks like in real life.


3. Highlight a brand or product’s unique selling point.


Selling Apple watch straps online doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming for customers if you make it easy on your site visitors. You can highlight the benefits of buying from you instead of other competitors that sell similar products.


For example, some things that people might look into before making a purchase decision are return policy, shipping rates/options, warranty included with the band, quality materials used in production, and whether there is enough stock available for sale at any given time. A good idea would be to include all this information easily accessible right below where they can add items in their shopping cart so they won’t abandon the process halfway.


4. A logical navigation system


A logical navigation system is also essential so people can easily find their way around your site without any issues whatsoever when purchasing different Apple watch straps from your store.


An image showcasing an individual wearing one of your products while doing something that relates to its purpose is another good idea to help sell more items in no time. People always trust other real-life users rather than companies or brands themselves, which makes this …

Finding Free Stock Photos For Blogs Has Never Been Easier

OK, you write an informative blog post full of useful tips and ideas that you think hits the mark, but you don’t have a great image to go with it, what can you do? First off don’t panic, because today there are buckets filled with beautiful free images that you can use to add the perfect topping to your blog post. And those buckets are located online.

In the online world of free images there certainly more than 10 websites offering free stock photos for blogs and others endeavors, so I’ve narrowed it down to what I think are a collections of the best for you to choose from.

Spend a little time picking out two or three of these image repositories and jump in. Once you start your rummaging around you’ll be amazed at the quality, creativity and generosity you’ll find on each of there websites.


1.Pixabay has for many years offered bloggers and creatives a huge resource of free photos. Recently they have added videos, illustrations, and vector images to their catalog of offerings. I’ve use Pixabay for years and have found some very nice images to use from their constantly growing collection of images.


2. StockSnap offers a huge selection of images from its ever growing collection that you can use without attribution, but I highly recommend you give credit to the creator of any image you use. I’ve found some very interesting photos on Stock Snap that have sparked my creativity.


3. Unsplash has been around for a while and is full of images that I don’t often see at other free images sites. When I start searching for free stock images for blogs, i start that search on Unsplash before I search anywhere else. I find some of the most creative images I’ve ever seen on Unsplash.


4. Pixels offers some very nice and high quality images to meet all your needs. Pixels offers what they call “Legal Simplicity” which is just this “All photos on Pexels are free for personal and commercial purposes.” Couldn’t be much simpler than that, right? I enjoy finding original images at Pexels and browse their site often.


5. Reshot is a site I haven’t spent much time at , but from what I’ve seen I can assure you I’ll be going back often. Their tag line is “Handpicked, not-stocky images.” Check them out for some very original images.

There are millions of Free Stock Photos For Blogs available for you to insert into your own blog or article page that can give it a unique look and flavor. But not all free stock photos are created equal, so it’s important that you spend a few minutes reading the small print on each site for any restrictions before you jump in and download a ton of great photos.

For instance, at the top of the home page on New Old Stock they have the following “Free of known copyright …

Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

First rule of great titles: Grab Someone’s Attention. Pretty simple, right? It’s a deadly simple rule, but a rule that can tie the writer of a blog post, article or opinion piece in knots. Keeping it simple and not too far out in the ozone will help catch the readers eye and attention.

Your Blog, Is Now Live!

You’ve started blogging and are aching to get people to view your newest blog post. You hope people will put your blog posts on the map and readers will pour onto your website with praise and offers to collaborate with you on multiple creative, projects you’re sure will set the web on fire.

Time, thought, angst, along with sweat have built something that is sure to bring praise or at least a few well deserved pats on the back. Right?

But wait. Your dreams of celebrations and accolades may be a bit premature. A full email box and viral tweets with likes toppling over onto each other like an endless row of dominoes, may not happen. At least not yet. 1700 word blog posts written with honesty, wit and pluck are no longer guaranteed to be read by anyone, not even your ever-loving family and friends.

If your writing is creative and authentic with a compelling story etched into the marrow of the blog post it’s gotta resonate with readers and reviewers right? It’s just gotta, gosh darn it!

But hold on, some authoritative estimates say there are nearly a billion blogs shouting and hungering for people to read them, a billion blogs! A billion blogs, that’s one for every seven people on the planet. Wow.

I’m not trying to divert you from hopeful thinking before we even get to the sweet filling of this blog post. Blog Titles. No I’m simply asking you to approach writing and promoting your blog with the same sober outlook you’d bring to the job of building a house, with the same sober clear eyed determination you’d bring to any relationship you are embarking on.

blog marketing

If You Offer It, They Will Buy It!

Somewhere in the Northeastern United States there is a collage football stadium often filled to the brim every other Saturday with students and local towns people hoping for an exciting game.

The fans of both teams assembled to battle are yelling and waving their arms in tried and true unison, hoping to spur their teams on to victory. It’s been a standard scene in colleges around the Northeast since shortly after November 6, 1869 when Rutgers and Princeton played what was billed as the first college football game

Inside the stadium they serve the usual boring fare of hot dogs, nachos w/cheese and assorted bags of chips and ice cream sandwiches. No one I can assure you goes to games in this ivy covered stadium with hopes of purchasing good eats, they go for the game.

Not far from the stadium an enterprising young man ran a catering outfit. …

What is Content? An Overview

Quality content puts your business in front of those masses of eager consumers searching for information on the internet. And with the right message emanating from your website to your target audience, you’ll standout in front of all your competitors.


Content plays the most important role in the growth and success of your online business for both marketing and in customer outreach. Great content penetrates the mind of potential customers and leaves them with lasting memories and reasons to do business with you and with your brand.


Eventually, good content converts potential clients into loyal customers. But what is content? This overview will help you understand what content consists of and of its importance.


Much like the items on a restaurant’s menu or a colorful store directory’s listing in your local mall, your content answers the questions your customers and potential customers have about your products and services. Additionally the content on your website is ideal to market your business and cultivate meaningful relationships with both your existing and potential customers.


The main aim of your content is to enlighten and actively engage the target audience. Well-crafted content boosts your brand’s reputation and skyrockets your sales by increasing the chances that the audience will choose your product and services.


Content ranges from text, compelling messages and posts on different social media platforms along with infographics, pictures, videos, articles and webinars you actively host on your website.


Types of Content

4 Main Types of Content

1.Blog Posts

Blog posts are the cornerstone of most brand’s content marketing strategy. They are easy and fast to write, easily accessible on Google, and users find them easy to read and share. What’s more, they offer value at a budget-friendly cost.


It’s estimated that there are over a billion blog on website in 2019, and while most of them are not relevant to your products and services there are still a huge number of direct competitors to what ever you are offering


When you create blog posts, don’t be like everyone else. From the beginning figure out how to base your efforts in the creative blogging camp. And produces unique and relevant information that directly answers the questions your customers are asking.


2. Case Studies

Case studies are detailed analyses of a particular situation or example whose aim is to offer not only knowledge but also relevant information your customer can use. Case studies are unique, extremely sharable, and enable you to position yourself as a thought leader.


3. Infographics

Infographics let you load plenty of visually interesting and easily understandable information into a single image. They can go viral easily due to their highly sharable nature.



Videos are revolutionizing and bulldozing their answer to what is content at a dramatic rate. Videos on websites and social media platforms are transforming the way focused messages are delivered to a target audience, and in doing so shaking up the marketing world.