Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

First rule of great titles: Grab Someone’s Attention. Pretty simple, right? It’s a deadly simple rule, but a rule that can tie the writer of a blog post, article or opinion piece in knots. Keeping it simple and not too far out in the ozone will help catch the readers eye and attention.

Your Blog, Is Now Live!

You’ve started blogging and are aching to get people to view your newest blog post. You hope people will put your blog posts on the map and readers will pour onto your website with praise and offers to collaborate with you on multiple creative, projects you’re sure will set the web on fire.

Time, thought, angst, along with sweat have built something that is sure to bring praise or at least a few well deserved pats on the back. Right?

But wait. Your dreams of celebrations and accolades may be a bit premature. A full email box and viral tweets with likes toppling over onto each other like an endless row of dominoes, may not happen. At least not yet. 1700 word blog posts written with honesty, wit and pluck are no longer guaranteed to be read by anyone, not even your ever-loving family and friends.

If your writing is creative and authentic with a compelling story etched into the marrow of the blog post it’s gotta resonate with readers and reviewers right? It’s just gotta, gosh darn it!

But hold on, some authoritative estimates say there are nearly a billion blogs shouting and hungering for people to read them, a billion blogs! A billion blogs, that’s one for every seven people on the planet. Wow.

I’m not trying to divert you from hopeful thinking before we even get to the sweet filling of this blog post. Blog Titles. No I’m simply asking you to approach writing and promoting your blog with the same sober outlook you’d bring to the job of building a house, with the same sober clear eyed determination you’d bring to any relationship you are embarking on.

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If You Offer It, They Will Buy It!

Somewhere in the Northeastern United States there is a collage football stadium often filled to the brim every other Saturday with students and local towns people hoping for an exciting game.

The fans of both teams assembled to battle are yelling and waving their arms in tried and true unison, hoping to spur their teams on to victory. It’s been a standard scene in colleges around the Northeast since shortly after November 6, 1869 when Rutgers and Princeton played what was billed as the first college football game

Inside the stadium they serve the usual boring fare of hot dogs, nachos w/cheese and assorted bags of chips and ice cream sandwiches. No one I can assure you goes to games in this ivy covered stadium with hopes of purchasing good eats, they go for the game.

Not far from the stadium an enterprising young man ran a catering outfit. …

What is Content? An Overview

Quality content puts your business in front of those masses of eager consumers searching for information on the internet. And with the right message emanating from your website to your target audience, you’ll standout in front of all your competitors.


Content plays the most important role in the growth and success of your online business for both marketing and in customer outreach. Great content penetrates the mind of potential customers and leaves them with lasting memories and reasons to do business with you and with your brand.


Eventually, good content converts potential clients into loyal customers. But what is content? This overview will help you understand what content consists of and of its importance.


Much like the items on a restaurant’s menu or a colorful store directory’s listing in your local mall, your content answers the questions your customers and potential customers have about your products and services. Additionally the content on your website is ideal to market your business and cultivate meaningful relationships with both your existing and potential customers.


The main aim of your content is to enlighten and actively engage the target audience. Well-crafted content boosts your brand’s reputation and skyrockets your sales by increasing the chances that the audience will choose your product and services.


Content ranges from text, compelling messages and posts on different social media platforms along with infographics, pictures, videos, articles and webinars you actively host on your website.


Types of Content

4 Main Types of Content

1.Blog Posts

Blog posts are the cornerstone of most brand’s content marketing strategy. They are easy and fast to write, easily accessible on Google, and users find them easy to read and share. What’s more, they offer value at a budget-friendly cost.


It’s estimated that there are over a billion blog on website in 2019, and while most of them are not relevant to your products and services there are still a huge number of direct competitors to what ever you are offering


When you create blog posts, don’t be like everyone else. From the beginning figure out how to base your efforts in the creative blogging camp. And produces unique and relevant information that directly answers the questions your customers are asking.


2. Case Studies

Case studies are detailed analyses of a particular situation or example whose aim is to offer not only knowledge but also relevant information your customer can use. Case studies are unique, extremely sharable, and enable you to position yourself as a thought leader.


3. Infographics

Infographics let you load plenty of visually interesting and easily understandable information into a single image. They can go viral easily due to their highly sharable nature.



Videos are revolutionizing and bulldozing their answer to what is content at a dramatic rate. Videos on websites and social media platforms are transforming the way focused messages are delivered to a target audience, and in doing so shaking up the marketing world.