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“Your page title is known as a ‘meta tag’.  It’s something that is not visible on your web page but Google looks for this title tag and it’s one of the most important on page elements for Google.  By improving your title this can help improve Google ranking of your post.

When you initially created your blog post you may or may not have created a ‘title tag’.  If you have then you can tweak it, if you haven’t then you can create one.  If you optimize your title tag this can help move up your post within rankings on Google.”

Ok so your small business is busy pumping out original and creative blog posts to inform your customers and peers about your products and services and about your industry in general. So the big questions is, how do I get more people to see these wonderful blog post?

Ian Cleary has written an article that address just that question.

Starting off with the number one most important part of any post you publish, the title. In addition to what Ian has in his piece I would add to the mix these 3 examples of what a title needs to be if it is to engage a potential customer to read the post.

  1. Ask A Question – ( Do You Know What You’re Doing?)
  2. Create Controversy – ( All Fixes Are Wrong Except Mine)
  3. Create A Statement – ( Pennies Are Best When Shinny)

Great titles need to be a combination of one of the above examples combined with keywords that your user is likely to use. So first figure out what keyword phrase you want to use and then combine it with one of the 3 examples above. Titles need to “Catch A Users Attention.” A dull or sleepy title will not engage and will not lead to people reading your blog post.

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