Marketing Simplicity

marketing simplicity

Bake Marketing Simplicity Into Your Website

The term user-friendly has been around since the web burst onto the scene, yet few websites take it seriously. How often have you landed on a business website only to find you can’t find what you are looking for without jumping through hoops.

  1. Fewer Choices
    A buzzword popping up more and more in marketing and psychology circles is “Choice Overload”  Yes it’s a real thing. When a user visits your website they make their decesion to stay and look around or quickly hit the back button to find another site. Users take less than 7 seconds to decide should they stay or should they go. From experience I assure you people will leave a website quicker if there are too many choices of if the site is cluttered.

  2. Clear And Crisp Language
    The words you use on your website need to be understood by those reading them. Before you create content for your website pin down who your readers are going to be. Watch out when writing that you’re not writing for yourself, your readers have questions you need to clearly answer. Your website is not the place to show your peers you know you stuff, it’s a place to connect with your customers. Keep it readable.

  3. Lots Of Space
    Each different part of a web page needs to have space between it and the other parts of the web page. Don’t confuse your users by having banners, forms, text, pictures or videos crammed into each other, use the space between items to make them standout and catch the uses eye

  4. Embrace Expectations
    Your websites main purpose is to meet the expectations of your customer by answering their questions. Each user will visit your website because they have questions that they want answered. The question can be as simple as directions to your store or as complicated as why should they do business with you and not someone else. Give your users solid reasons to pick you over your competition and they’ll reward you. Embrace the expectation of your customer before they get to your website, they’ll thank you.