Vertical Search Engines

Use Vertical Search Engines
To Pinpoint Your Topic

Vertical Search Engines zoom in on a narrow slice of a topic, type or genre of content. A great example would be which specializes in music by artists and titles. By focusing on a slice of the pie instead of the whole pie a vertical search engine gets to know it narrow subject much better than a general search engine, at least that's the claim they make. You be the judge.
9. – Search for people all over the world from a simple interface.
10. – Aggregates public information from a number of sources to give a spread of person-specific information.
Flights / Travel
1. – The leading flights search engine, providing information about all carriers to help you find the best deal.
2. – Very similar to SkyScanner and with an added ‘current searches’ widget to see what flights other people are searching for. (Particularly handy in Europe!)
3. Hipmunk – The San Francisco-based startup that’s swiftly revolutionizing trip-planning for savvy travelers with flights, trains and hotel search.





4. – Searches for content from blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more.
5. – Blog-specific search engine searching through more than 170 million blogs.
6. eBuzzing Labs – The top blogs section is a great place to start a topic-specific blogs and content.
7. – a reverse image search engine – this finds out where an image came from, how it’s being used and where you can find the best resolution version.
8. – Searches through more than 3 billion online photos.


22. – Great for finding different file versions e.g. .png and .ico.
23. – A standard icon search engine.
24. – One of the most comprehensive icon search engines on the web, includes really useful sub-category search.




12. – Basic music search engine by artist and / or song title.
13. – Search over 7,000,000 tracks from the one location.
14. – Type in your favourite artist and then a map of similar artists will be returned (very cool).
15. – Search for and save your playlists in the cloud from this very slick site.


Domain names

20. – A great way to search for website domain names and generate names if you are struggling for ideas. [Also, read this before naming your startup.]
21. – Another brainstorming tool to discover domain names.