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Offline Marketing – Simple Tips

offline marketing spaceOffline Marketing is all about filling the empty space presenting itself to you. Around every corner, on top of every counter, space is waiting, for you to fill it with marketing ideas.

Engaging your imagination to recognize Marketing Space is like being a kid again, selling lemonade. You setup the stand, then go about getting customers to see it. Once a few people drive by without making a purchase you amp up the noise to pull them in.

Filling the space can be as simple as having your little sister twirling a baton or something more complicated like blocking the road, your friends driving bikes around in a circle, forcing the cars to slow down and stop.

While your mother is red faced at your overt tactics of filling the Marketing Space she is also very proud of your ingenuity and drive. See Empty Space as Opportunity. It’s all around just waiting for you to plug into it.

Offline Link Building

It is no secret that the best way to promote your business is to do it all the time. Still, may companies spend all their money promoting themselves online, but give not thought to the millions of people who never see that promotion. Promotion ideas for small businesses need to go far beyond the online world. Real world face time is just as critical as anything you do online. Appropriate offline link building is an integral part of any successful business plan.

It should go without saying that you need to be promoting your company constantly. In any and all settings where you might attract even one new client you must be friendly, professional and outgoing. The next link you make may be the one that brings your company the success it needs, or drive it toward failure. Always speak well, using proper grammar and decent vocabulary. Dress appropriately to the situation and shake hands firmly, with a smile and your name. These business basics seem to be losing clout with the youngest entrepreneurs, but they still hold a lot of weight in the business world.


Online promotion ideas include SEO articles and blogs as well as websites. Offline ideas offer much more variety. You can be very event specific with your ideas, and generate a whole line of promotional ideas for small business that will put your company in the limelight. Some of the most common and basic ideas include promotional items that are handed out at conferences and business meetings. Inexpensive hand outs include customized bags, pens and pads. Easily acquired and sporting your company logo and website, these promotional items can be purchased in huge lots and end up having a very low per item cost.

More desirable free-bees include the coveted tee shirt or messenger bag. Best reserved for small “competitions” these items can provide a treasure trove of potential new contacts. Set up a fishbowl for business cards and pass out one more expensive item every so often. All those business cards give you new leads, and if they win, you have an instant friend.Promotion ideas for small businesses don’t have to be so routine.

The fact is that only your imagination restricts your offline link strategy. Coming up with creative ideas will increase your appeal and draw more people to your website. Find ways to connect common marketing promos to your business specifically and you will get more value for your promotional budget. For example, although most people say they dislike puns, a clever pun will keep you in someone’s mind longer. Passing out a stress ball that looks like a globe and making a “company x makes your world a better place” claim, is much more likely to stick with someone than a simple ball bearing your logo. You need to think outside the box when building your offline marketing.

If your company has the budget, a billboard is a wonderful way to promote your business. A billboard along local commuting routes is a potential goldmine. People pass the billboard daily, and sooner or later that web address that you have placed so very cleverly will sink into their brains without their active participation. If you make the billboard catchy and attractive, they will get to you even sooner, just to see what you have to offer. If you can’t come up with something catchy on your own, hire someone. There are people who specialize in business promotion, let them work for you to increase your revenue.

14 Offline Promotional Link Building Ideas

  1. (Business Cards) take them with you everywhere and hand them out. Peoplelove business cards and they are tops for breaking the ice.

  2. (Flyers) tack them up on every bulletin board you come across. Tape, nail or staple a flyer with nice graphics and your address and message presented nicely.

  3. (Team Sports) get you name associated with a local team. Opportunities abound in your community. Sport teams from the VFW to Pee Wee League offer tremendous amounts of exposure to support and get your name out.

  4. (Houses of Worship) support and advertise with churches & temples. From weekly newsletters to seasonal fairs there are dozens of opportunities just waiting for you and your business to dive in to.

  5. (Bake Cookies) find a niche you can supply to local organizations. Find something you do well and can give away easily to community groups. It could be kite building or cookie baking but become known for one thing you want them to think about when they have an event going on.

  6. (Open House) Open your doors to the public twice a year. Advertise in the local paper, radio station or on Craig’s List. Invite people off the street into your business for lemonade and a hand shake.

  7. (The Forgotten) Give to those who have less and get back more. Work at a shelter or soup kitchen. Give to needy groups and talk about how great it feels when you send out your newsletter.

  8. (Holiday & Birthday Cards) Remember your customers and they will remember you when it’s time to do business.

  9. (Parks & Highways) Pitch in and clean up a park or highway, get your kids or employees to go out every couple of months and make a difference. Get a sign up with you logo outside the park.

  10. (Classifieds) Take out a small classified announcement in your local daily and weekly news papers under the correct category letting people know your URL

  11. (Lunch Groups) Dust off your best shoes and go to every Rotary, Lions, Elks and Chamber luncheon you can find for the next two weeks. Pass out your new or edited business card to everyone there. This will also help in dusting off the cobwebs from your neglected network of business associates getting you new contacts.

  12. (Career Day – Job Fair) Call your local community college and ask when their next career day is. Go and pass out a business card to every booth owner. Oh and shake hands with them and listen to their rap. And don’t forget the Local Job Fair.

  13. (Old Clients) Dust of your client list and send them a post card containing a nice greeting and your URL. Doing this not only updates them it also show appreciation for past business.

  14. (Box of Stuff) Never leave home without your box of stuff. Keep a box on the backseat of your car with flyers, posters, CDs, DVD’s, tacks, staples, nails, tape and anything else you can think of. Use these things to promote your business at every opportunity you drive to.


It has long been known that the best people to have in your court when trying to market yourself are your friends. Word of mouth referrals are the backbone of any growing business. When it comes to offline link strategy, this becomes even more important. Make sure that your friends, family, clergyperson and everyone you know is aware of what you do and how to get in touch with you. The business cards you pass out to all these people should be professional and visually uncluttered. That way when someone mentions a need for your service, you friends are ready to hand out a card.

Online promotion ideas only work if you can get people to your site. While you definitely need to put some of your energy into promoting your business online, offline strategies can draw people in just as effectively. In order to encourage your friends and acquaintances to promote your business, you can offer an incentive program if you like. Do you sell office supplies? Give your friend a discount for each paying client they send you. Design business cards? Make a small batch of personalized holiday cards for the clergyman who sent work your way. It is these small touches that make people more eager to promote your business. Every link you make can lead to other connections, and you simply can’t afford to miss any.

Another simple way to promote your small business is to join and attend a networking group. These groups often only allow one individual from each business line to join, and that gives you a sort of monopoly. In exchange for promoting other businesses whose owners you have gotten to know, they will promote your business. This kind of offline link building is particularly useful because it comes with a personal touch built in.


When designing promotion ideas for small businesses you must be clever. Remember that every other company that sells what you sell will be out there trying to attract the same customers. If you aren’t the creative type, hire someone who is. If you can create a marketing scheme that attracts attention, you are way ahead of the game. Clever ideas build their own following through emails, twitter and blogs, with no further effort on your part. Between radio, newspapers, magazines and other sources we come into contact with literally thousands of promotions daily. Make sure that your offline link building is unique and clear.

If it is possible, do something that makes your business newsworthy. Join a charitable event, run an event that will attract attention, or sponsor a local sporting event. Anything that you can do that gets you newsprint is a prime way to get serious, reliable offline face time. One quote in a newspaper or magazine can draw in new business like flies to honey. It gives you instant credibility if you can get seen in that kind of media. If you do manage to get into print, maintain contact with the writer, they may be in a position to promote you again. This is a particularly valuable link in your chain of successful promotion.

Place your URL everywhere you can think of. On top of the usual trinkets and geegaws that you hand out at conferences put your link on your car, on shirts you wear to casual outings and even on your roof, if you like. Your goal is to attract attention to your link, after all. Once people go looking for your company online you can connect them to your online promotional ideas and you are off and running.

With the current economic climate and people being very reluctant to spend their money it is even more important to build links wherever possible. Don’t shirk any opportunity, since promotion is the name of the game. Use every resource you can find, either online or offline to get your company noticed. Maximizing the potential of offline marketing will help generate new leads from individuals who may never see you online and draw them to your website.

Most business still involves face to face with customers and even those that don’t aren’t entirely divorced from dealing with clients and customers in person. It’s an impostant question to ask yourself everyday. How memorable am I and how memorable is my business?

What’s your answer? Are you giving your customers a handful of reasons to come back, to spend more money and to recommend you to their friends?


Micro-Site PromotionMicro-Sites allow you to set up a satellite site strategy that feeds traffic and search to your main website.A well thought out micro strategy can pay big dividends to your business and may be just what you are looking for in your overall promotion strategy.You can split off content from your brand to create new and vital sub-brands. The sub-brands in turn can feed traffic and search recognition to your main website. 


What’s Effective Advertising Offline?

Your marketing campaign is about generating interest. You want to target your marketing campaign in a highly focused way so as to get return on your investment.

Direct marketing and catalogs

Promotional items

Client referrals

Point-of-sale (POS) promotions Many companies conduct promotion and advertising
at the point of sale or the point at which the service is delivered. Common forms
include sweepstakes, contests, and games of various types.

Event participation

Industry tradeshows

Industry analyst coverage

Public relations and media coverage

Print ad magazine advertising

TV and radio advertising