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7 Seconds Decides Your Success

seven seconds

Success or Failure of Your Message is 7 Seconds


People arrive looking for information, to meet (Their) needs.

You have 7 seconds to convince them to read more and then buy your products or services.

That’s 7 seconds to convince them (You) have the product, service and expertise that will fill their need.

Grabbing their focus in 7 seconds is what (You) need to do, otherwise you’re wasting your money.

Stop The Back Button

You don’t want a potential client hitting the back button before your site has even loaded. And no your site does not have to load in all browsers in one or two seconds, but the user wants to start scanning and reading something almost immediately.

You want to make sure your content meant to catch a users eye is at or near the top of the web site. Load time can be slow or fast depending on the service your user visits your site with, overcome the differences with crisp content that grabs the users eye and gets them to stay and look around.

grabbing someones attention in seven seconds



Such a small amount of time (7 Seconds). Seems
hard to believe someone could decide the value
of your products and services in less time then it
takes to open your car door and get behind the wheel.

In 7 Seconds Your Users Can Start A Conversation Kiss Their Sweety Squeeze Mustard On A Hot dog Twirl In A Circle Pick Up The Phone And Say Hello Come In Go Out Climb Stairs End A Conversation

Say Goodbye

Stay Or Go From Your Web Site. You’ve poured money and time into creating  your business and website. What do you do, cross your fingers?

what next     Tip One
Seth Godin’s 3U’s to building for success.
Unique – Useful – Updated
Both users and search engines are looking
for web sites that offer these 3 important pieces.

Tip Two
Create new content with both the user
and search engines in mind.
A web site not regularly updated quickly falls into
search engine nonexistence.

Tip Three
Promote your web site at every opportunity.
Not promoting your website tells people
you don’t believe in your  product or service.

Tip Four
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