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10 Simple Offline Marketing Tips

10 Simple Marketing Tips

Business Advertising You Can Do Yourself

  1. (Business Cards) take them with you everywhere and hand them out . People love business cards and they are tops for breaking the ice.
  2. (Flyers) tack them up on every bulletin board you come across. Tape, nail or staple a flyer with nice graphics and your address and message presented nicely.
  3. (Team Sports) get you name associated with a local team. Opportunities abound in your community. Sport teams from the VFW to Pee Wee League offer tremendous amounts of exposure to support and get your name out.
  4. (Houses of Worship) support and advertise with churches & temples. From weekly newsletters to seasonal fairs there are dozens of opportunities just waiting for you and your business to dive in to.
  5. (Bake Cookies) find a niche you can supply to local organizations. Find something you do well and can give away easily to community groups. It could be kite building or cookie baking but become known for one thing you want them to think about when they have an event going on.
  6. (Open House) Open your doors to the public twice a year. Advertise in the local paper, radio station or on Craig’s List. Invite people off the street into your business for lemonade and a hand shake.
  7. (The Forgotten) Give to those who have less and get back more. Work at a shelter or soup kitchen. Give to needy groups and talk about how great it feels when you send out your newsletter.
  8. (Holiday & Birthday Cards) Remember your customers and they will remember you when it come time to do business.
  9. (Parks & Highways) Pitch in and clean up a park or highway, get your kids or employees to go out every couple of months and make a difference. Get a sign up with you logo outside the park.
  10. (Box of Stuff) Never leave home without your box of stuff. Keep a box on the backseat of your car with flyers, posters, CDs, DVD’s, tacks, staples, nails, tape and anything else you can think of. Use these things to promote your business at every opportunity you drive to.