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Local Business SEO


We all Communicate with our customers, right? SEO communicates with the search engines that communicate with
out customers. SEO plugs us in, and completes the connection making a circle.

Each of us communicates with people on regular basis or at least on a somewhat regular basis. We know how to let someone know our phone number, our address and the type of car we drive. But, do you know how to share that same information with the search engines? Search Engines communicate with users of the web, and we need to communicate with the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is the language that your website uses to tell the search engines the name of your business, it’s address and phone number (NAP). And Local Business SEO includes the hours you’re open along with more info describing your products and services. The language itself is not all that complicated, but expressing that language on your website is easily overlooked. Creating a first rate website tuned to promote your business demands we construct your Local SEO in a clear manner. If we skip it, the search engines will skip us.

local business seo

5 Easy Local Business SEO Tips

(1) Your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP)
Visitors to your website expect to see your business name, address and phone number immediately upon reaching your website, and the search engines expect the same information to be available and accessible when they visit.

Don’t frustrate your users or the purveyors of much of your traffic (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc) by hiding vital contact info because of design choices. And don’t use images as the medium for showing the important (NAP) information, it needs to be in text format for the search engines to read and understand it.

(2) Unique URLs and Page Titles
Create all pages and posts with unique titles based on keyword research. There is no value in a blog post titled ” Tips I Think Will Help You”  Keyword research every piece of content you are going to create so that you not only attract traffic but also rank within Search Engine Results. Titles also become the basis of your website URLs and a helpful part of insight for search engines.

(3) A Business Contact Form Page
There may be an exception to inserting your information on your website in text and not image form and that exception would be for your email address. Bots love to scurry around websites looking for things like email address so they can be used to send tons of unwanted email. A good work around is to have a Contact Us button displayed on every page of your website.

Create a welcoming and informative contact page that invites users to contact you using the form, and point all your contact buttons to that page. For those of you that do have brick and mortar storefronts/office make sure you have a map on the contact page that makes it easy for users to get directions from their location.

And even if your business is not open to walk-in traffic have a location and map to give help build trust. If I’m visiting a website that called Manchester NH Web Design and I find it’s located hundreds or thousands of miles away from that location I’m going to move on to another URL.

local business seo

(4) Unique Meta Descriptions/Meta Tags Including Location Keywords
This is an opportunity to create compelling copy that users of search engines will see. Search Engines showcase around 160 characters of for a web page within their search results, you want those words to grab the users attention.160 character may seem like too few to make an impression, but with a little practice you can engage with those potential customers who are searching.

(5) Make Products/Services Easy To Find And Understand
This is where keyword research can give your web pages a huge advantage over the competition. Using keyword research will point you in the best direction for reaching the most people possible.

Local Business SEO

Communicate With Search Engines


(6) Do Deep Keyword Research
Keyword Research can help you sculpt relevant pages that are both on point and pages that people are actually looking for. Oh, and implementing what you’ve found in Keyword Research lets the search engines pinpoint what each page is about.

There’s a good chance that a well executed keyword strategy put into place will give you an advantage over your competitors both as a local business as well as for chains and national small businesses.

A keyword strategy can be tailored to your specific products and service and to get the biggest possible ROI be sure you tailor your strategy to the margins of your products, as well as the obvious keywords.

An couple of examples of product and service margins may include obvious things such as if you sell landscaping supplies you may want to create content about grills and outdoor furniture that go great with brick patios or great with granite terraces. Does that make sense to you?

More Pairings To Get The Creative Juices Flowing.

  • If you sell auto insurance create a page listing reviews and information about local repair and body shops. And contact those shops for mutual backlinks. Additionally create pages about average costs of repair and pages about statistics on how often different types of accidents occur.
  • If you’re a restaurant owner create content about the history of different foods and recipes that you serve (don’t give away any secrets) as well as info on pairing wines with food. Additionally, team up with quality wine stores that you mention to get mutual backlinks.
  • If you own a bookstore create longtail keyword video interviews with authors, and have in-house readings of books related to other local businesses.Team up with businesses that benefit from the content you are creating for mutual backlinks and PR.
  • If you own a few flower shops, or just one create content about types of flowers and foods that complement events such as weddings and retirement parties. Additionally create videos demonstrating flower arrangements with a couple of local linen services or catering companies.
  • And if you own a construction or excavating company create content about furnishings, solar lighting and landscaping ideas. Collaborate with a couple of companies you are creating content about for mutual backlinking and possible events.

The margins of ideas that surround every small business are a huge resource often untapped and certainly underutilized. Hiring someone who can see the keyword connections to your products and services is invaluable.

Longtail Keywords are a resource small businesses often overlook or don’t know about. And yes it probably means hiring someone to plan out your keyword strategy if you want to get the most bang for the effort involved. But keyword research can create a broad path when it comes to getting customers and opportunity to visit and hang-around your website.

And building a keyword strategy also can give you a huge leg up on your direct and indirect competition.