Live Your Brand the Way Your Customers Do


I came across this interview with Brian Solis recently and I want to share it with everyone and anyone who may happen upon this blog. What struck me most among a lot of good food for thought was in the last paragraph Solis quotes Tolstoy,

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

This little quote sums up where business owners and managers find themselves today in the world of customer service and social media. Most companies still put the customer 2nd or in some cases don’t even think about what the customer is thinking at all. It’s what Don Juan called Self Importance, thinking that your thoughts and ideas are a reflection of reality and the world as a whole.

If you as a business owner decide that your ideas and thoughts are the same as your customers ideas, you’re in for a rocky ride and subject to what Solis calls Digital Darwinism which says that technology and society evolves with or without you. In today’s business market the customer has tools and information like never before and these add up to Choice. Choice is a very powerful concept and one that will leave those businesses that fail to evolve in the dust.

It’s important to Live Your Brand and not just manage it. People that you know and people that you don’t know are interacting with your brand everyday, most of those interactions never even come across your radar. What are your customers thinking about your brand?

Here’s a little of the interview with Brian Solis.



Digital Darwinism is Real:

PR News: You point out that the way people
connect and communicate has changed, and only those
organizations that can adapt to these changes will survive.
Taking that to the personal level, what must professional
communicators do to survive and thrive?

Solis: Digital Darwinism is very real. And it
supposes that technology and society evolves with or without
us. Unfortunately, I see many PR pros and marketers trying to
take their prior experience and apply it to this digital world.
The future of our careers and our role in both the revolution
and evolution is to start with an open mind to see what’s
different, to see how things have changed. And then develop
strategies that move us in new directions. Much of what’s
taking place today evokes common psychological responses such
as denial, skepticism and derision. Unfortunately that gets in
our way of seeing where we can learn and change in a world that
is changing before us.

PR News: What is one takeaway you want
Social Media 20/20 Summit attendees to bring back to their
daily tasks?

Solis: I’m reminded of a Tolstoy quote:
“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of
changing himself.” What I want people to take back is to
realize that they can’t sit and wait for someone to show them
the path forward. This is a time where the people in that room
in San Francisco and the people reading this now have to
realize that change happens because of them—because of what
they’re going to do to change the future right now.

The sooner people realize that they are the change
agents, the faster change comes.

Read the complete interview with just a click.

Live Your Brand the Way Your Customers Do – Brian Solis.

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