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Get To Know Your Customers Day

Small Business owners are themselves not your average customer. It’s not uncommon for the small business owner to ask for help the moment they walk into a retail store for an item.

Average customers are a bit shy when it comes to asking for help and will wander around for a bit before seeking out directions or asking a question of a store employee.

When it comes to customer service it’s this difference that gets in the way of business owners in their own business. The business owner often thinks their customers will be bold and ask for help assertively.

Each of us, customers and business owners alike think people act like we do and we often fail to take into account that different people act differently. If business owners stop for a moment to listen to the wants and needs of their customers they’ll start to understand those differences.

Get To Know Your Customers Day is the perfect time for business owners and their employees to slow down and actively listen to their customers.

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get to know your customers day
Get To Know Your Customers Day

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Get To Know Your Customers Day Ideas

GET EXCITED About Your Customers

Your customers are the cement in your business foundation, they are the filling in your pie chart. Your customers are the links anchoring your business firmly to success.

(1) CREATE Customer Profiles 

Customers Are B2B, B2C or Both

What’s Their Geographic Location(s)

What Are Their Age Range(s)

What Are Their Education Level(s)

What Are Their Want(s) and Need(s)

(2) MEET Your Customers

Sharpen your Active Listening skills and create customer listening sessions. Find out why they are your customers and what they want from your business and what they need. (Hint), those two things are different.

(3) INITIATE Quizzes and Surveys

Create a way your customers can easily take informational quizzes and surveys you’ve created to find out more about how they view your products, services and employees. Attach small Coupon Rewards for those who participate.

(4) OPEN The Doors For A Day 

Throw open the doors to your business by creating a themed Open House. The theme of course will be Get To Know Your Customers. Serve food and drink along with small giveaways for all who show up. Create a couple of quiet areas for chatting with customers.

(5) COOP With Other Businesses

Create partnerships with other local businesses to build Marketing Muscle and collaboration. There is strength in working together to maximize the customer interaction and education beyond what one can do on their own.

ROCKET Your Success Upwards

rocket for success
Rocket Upwards

Knowing the wants and needs of your customers is the secret Rocket Fuel of any marketing strategy. And that knowledge creates long term customer loyalty for your business.