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Creativity Metaphors

creativity methaphors

Immerse Yourself in Creativity Metaphors

Being creative is a huge proposition ( offering ) sometimes presented by a an elusive Muse without conditions, but more often presented by that same Muse with a myriad of conditions. If you’ve ever stared at a blank sheet of paper or tried to lead a business group to innovation Nirvana only to come up short, you know the fickleness of the ethereal muse.

Adding to our quiver a set of options for generating the creative juices may spur us through the arid wasteland we so often find ourselves occupying. Options that include active metaphors will help us transcend those fallow times clouding our creative flow.

The first of the Creativity Metaphors I use in the infographic is, Creativity is an Automat. I very much like the imagergy of the Automat with its myriad of choices, with its myriad of options presenting themselves to you without questions or and without discernment.

Automats are all about offering choice. Which way will you go when you enter the shinny aluminum glass door? Will you go left or right? Will you simply walk straight ahead with your feet only touching the red tiles or maybe touching only the green floor tiles?

The larger the city you’ve found yourself in the more spacious the Automats will be, the more you’ll notice the choices multiplying in front of your eyes. And while it the Automat may not be Alice’s Rabbit Hole it’s sure to offer you lots of chances to Pick Me, Eat Me, Choose Me and of course Drink Me.

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creative path

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Dive Into Your Own Creativity Metaphors

In the above infographic I’ve listed only eleven possible metaphors you might use to sharpen and boost your creative stream. There are of course an seemingly unlimited number to choose from. Create your own creative path based on the metaphors that work best for you. After all the creativity you seek is your own. Right?

What metaphors will you choose?

What Is Creativity?

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