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creative website ideas

Engage With Creative Website Ideas

The front door traditionally was the first thing a customer would see when visiting your business. Whether it was made of wood, metal or glass wasn’t important, it was the information stenciled upon it that mattered. The name of the business, it’s operating hours and phone number let the customer know important information immediately upon reaching the door.

The information presented itself in bold lettering that was short and sweet so as to be easily remembered, or easily scribbled on a handy piece of paper found in your pocket.

Today, the first impression of your business has passed from a physical door to a virtual door. This virtual door is the first impression a visitor gets when they arrive at your website. And the same information that resided on the physical door of a business is the information that needs to be out front on your website.

There is a good chance those arriving at your website are not looking for spiffy and indecipherable paragraphs that purport to enlighten the user with your elegant business and or life’s philosophy.

(1) Determine Who Your Target Audience Is

Determining who your customers are and what they want allows you to focus your website messaging directly to their wants and needs.

Creating original content that ignores your audience may give you traffic but does little to engage with those who are customers.

Constructing a creative website is more for your customers than for yourself. Build your website to appeal to your customers first, it will lead you on the path giving you the best ROI, today and tomorrow.

(2) Make Your Website The Heart Of Your Marketing

Often small business owners shy away from having an active hand in their marketing strategy. But who knows customers better than the small business owner?

You, as a small business owner communicate with customers and employees on a daily basis, and marketing is nothing if it’s not communication.

Jump into marketing using Video, Audio, infographics, Podcasting and in person communication. Work with what you know and with the questions your customers are asking, Creative success will follow in your marketing campaigns.

(3) Build Contests And Quizzes Atop Conversation

Listening to your customers is a bit like entering a creative idea mine, the benefits and the privilege are endless. The privilege comes when they share their wants and needs with you for free, and without hesitation. The benefits lead to a steady stream of creative website ideas.

Creatively constructing your marketing with your customers wants and needs acknowledges what they’ve told you, and taps into a creative dialogue with your customers.


Make access to your contact page easily accessible from all pages on your website

And surprise your customers with a fully interactive contact page that highlights FAQ and About pages.

Create a sidebar AI that presents updated news, product and service information.

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creative website ideas
Creative Website Ideas Infographic

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(5) Create Comic Strips

Use short 3 or 4 panel Comic Strips to highlight a point, an intro, a piece of history or even the whole story. Comic Strips can be serious or funny, it’s the immediacy of the presentation that gives them power.

(6) Use Animation

Animation is a great tool for catching the attention of your user, don’t overdue it. Use Animation like you use spices to accent the flavor of your main content ideas. A little space goes a long way. 

(7) Create Wanting More!

Bold Titles and Introductions will go a long ways in getting visitors to want to stay on your website and find out more information. You want to entice them to Want More!

(8) Be Controversial And Original

Being controversial does not mean insulting people or organizations. Try challenging the status quo in your niche with creative approaches and ideas. Stand out from the norm, stand out from the crowd with fresh takes and ideas about things. Shake things up.

Generating different slants from the usual cookie cutter approach of most company sites goes a long way toward generating creative website ideas. And this in turn entices people to visit often.

(9) Interactive CTAs

Calls To Action can be animated to speak or create a popup when a user scrolls down a page or rolls over them with their mouse. You might even create a small animated video that plays when the user approaches the CTA.

(10) Image Hotspots

You can use Animated Image Hotspots to create in-depth informational stories and FAQs. Each hotspot can lead to a popup with text or images. And hotspots can be integrated in image galleries to highlight points of interest.