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Fear of cost and time may be the reason you as a small business owner have shied away from making a commitment to Content Marketing. Consistency in a content marketing program can ease both the fear of cost and time by making it part of your daily routine. Think about it, including small marketing tasks into a key employee’s daily set of tasks will in a short time become something they look forward to. You’ll be empowering your employees to be more creative while at the same time engaging your customers in ongoing conversations.




Creating Content That Engages Your Customers

What’s the easiest answer to, What is Content Marketing? Content is the fuel for a successful website, how you go about lining up your knowledge and resources is critical to achieving the success you seek.

Before you take that first step in aggregating your expertise into quality content, you’ll want to decide the amount of time and resources you can comfortably commit to building your website content. Time and money are the vital components behind a successful content strategy, you don’t want to run out of either in the middle of your content campaign.

Whichever path you decide is best for your business there are 5 main questions to answer that form the  foundation for your content strategy.

1. What type of content do you want to create. Video, Blog, Podcast, Articles, Slide Show etc?

2. What is The Goal –  Brand Awareness, Immediate Sales, Education?

3. Who is Your Audience?

4. Is The Content meant for Immediate Knowledge, for Eternal Consumption or for both?

5. Who is Crafting The Content?

The three most common avenues for creating the content that will transport your business success into the stratosphere are.

1. Hire A Copywriter or Firm To Create All Web Content

2. Work Together With A Copywriter to Jointly Create All Content

3. Create All Content In-House

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