An Idea Can Appear From Nowhere

An idea can appear as if from nowhere when we quiet and open our minds. How often have you wondered if there might be an easy way to get to all the ideas popping in and out of your consciousness. You know your mind is full of good ideas, yet they seem out of reach…

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Why Not Take A Leap Into Creativity

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. Pablo Picasso Most of us have come up against a situation where playing it safe was the easy choice, where not rocking the boat or putting our neck out and following a new path was the prudent…

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Online Creative Opportunities

Online Creative Work Is As Close As Your Imagination You hear it all the time, try freelance writing work out of your home, but these dry as dust non fiction jobs hold no interest for you. You’re a creative bent and you would like to use those skills in some sort of online creative work.…

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Create Headlines Like You’d Frost A Cake

Always Create Headlines With The Reader In Mind Recently I found myself stopping and staring into the windows of the local bakery. I marveled at the hand woven baskets overflowing with fresh baked bread, rolls and croissants, but it was the cakes that caught my attention on a deeper level. There must have been a…

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