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Storytelling Can Rescue A Marketing Campaign

How do we capture the customer's attention long enough to engage their interest? We can show them a video, offer them a chance to win something or maybe we could offer them a guarantee, but if we want them to remember us the best thing we can do is tell a series of stories across our website.

Why is storytelling so important in building customer engagement and loyalty? According to a number of studies (1) the average human attention span in 2000 was 12 secgonds, that's 12 seconds before thoughts and distractions shift human attention onto something new. But now a business no longer even 12 seconds to work with, as of 2015 the average human attention span has dropped to 8.25 seconds.
The average goldfish's attention span is 9 seconds - 8.25 seconds for a human Click To Tweet

Today, among the largest corporate buzzwords is Business Storytelling. Marketers are obsessed with storytelling, and convention panels on the business storytelling topic have recently had fewer empty seats than the usual Bieber concert. Business storytelling will continues to be the buzzword marketers latch onto when they want to create deeply engaging and at times emotional hooks for their business clients. It is always coming out from the buzzword pile because, it's a timeless skill. Narratives have been essential drivers of change, knowledge and engagement throughout human history. The reason Kickstarter works, and how 1000 of originators have rallied the support of thousands on its platform, is that it enables people to get their stories in front of others. The success of Kickstarter as a storytelling platform may be the best example available today of storytelling's power of engagement.

Every task should have a video where the originators explain why they may be doing what they have been doing, and why they need help. As we spend increasing amounts of time intensive content by the stream-full, storytelling is just a skill that each company - and person - will need to master. Research suggests that 78 percent of CMOs believe content is the future of marketing. As the most of the companies start thinking about themselves as marketers, the defining feature of the successful ones will be the capability to not only the content, but to craft engaging stories. The companies that may tell one may have increasing advantage.

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