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Starbucks Takes Up More Room In Grocery Stores

By Craig Daniels

Starbucks wants its coffee to be the first thing you grab in the morning — from your own kitchen. The Seattle-based coffee chain, which over the last two decades has grown its cozy cafe brand to include thousands of locations on six continents, has plans to introduce branded coffee kiosks, …

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Move Your Blog Post Up The Search Ladder

By Craig Daniels

“Your page title is known as a ‘meta tag’.  It’s something that is not visible on your web page but Google looks for this title tag and it’s one of the most important on page elements for Google.  By improving your title this can help improve Google ranking of your …

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6 Reasons Every Business Needs a Blog

By Craig Daniels

So, you have opened your own company website. Now what? Of course, all company owners want that their website rank higher in the search engines and more visitors arrive at the site and promote their products and services. But whenever I ask them do they own a blog, most […]

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Vine Delivers The Sweets

By Craig Daniels

It’s no secret that I think Vine is a game changer, it’s simplicity and low cost to entry make it the perfect tool for small business to step up their marketing engagement. Cadbury UK jumped into the fray on Vine early in the game and have produced many Vines already. …

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You Have A SEO Playbook For 2013, Right?

By Craig Daniels

Many of the tricks to getting your small business website to show up on page one of the search engines have dried up and blown away. Today even the smallest business or nonprofit needs to engage it’s customers through building strong new content, content that’s useful, informative and engaging. A …

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Social Media Marketing Snowballs into 2013

By Craig Daniels

Social Media is poised to continue its runaway momentum snowballing into 2013. The new year will see thousands of small businesses get in on the fun that up until now was dominated by businesses with deep pockets and consumers. It’s no surprise small business has struggled to see exactly where …

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Hiring A Web Designer

By Craig Daniels

Hiring A Web Designer: A Few Tips I’ve recently run across a few small businesses that are still paying huge amounts of money to be in the yellow pages and these same businesses balk at spending money to build a decent website or create a modest content building strategy. I …

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Prevent Premature Content Failure

By Craig Daniels

Prevent Premature Content Failure A great Content Title will dramatically slow the Inevitable Content Oxidation often occurring when no one views your content. The Anti-Oxidant effects of a well written Title are well known in both writing circles and within the Prevent Premature Content Failure (PPCF) association. In my last post …

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Beat The Big Brands In Search

By Craig Daniels

Beat The Big Brands In Search It’s no surprise that Big Brands have an edge within the search results. Google and Bing love Starbucks and JC Penny for lots of reasons not the least is the big brands are already trusted by millions of people. In spite of the scales …

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