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Podcast Interview Tips

Podcast Interview Tips It can be hard to find great podcasts mixed in with the huge number of podcasts coming and going on your favorite podcast host. It's hard to find quality and useful information buried in the myriad of podcasting sameness. The sheer amount of...

Creative Business Ideas

Do you think anyone in today's hectic and competitive business environment is surprised at how intense marketing has become? Explore online websites, radio and TV or read any hard copy magazine, at least those still publishing. And you quickly see how copying each...

Blog Titles Grab Attention

Attention Grabbing Blog Titles First rule of great titles: Grab Someone's Attention. Pretty simple, right? It's a deadly simple rule, but a rule that can tie the writer of a blog post, article or opinion piece in knots. Keeping it simple and not too far out in the...

How To Be A Good Listener

In our highly competitive business world our customers often base their decisions on our ability to hear and understand what their saying. And to achieve that level of understanding requires not only that we learn how to be a good listener, but making that skill part...

10 Best Free Stock Photos For Blogs

Finding Free Stock Photos For Blogs Has Never Been Easier   OK, you write an informative blog post full of useful tips and ideas that you think hits the mark, but you don't have a great image to go with it, what can you do? First off don't panic, because today...

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