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why not take a leap

Leap Into Creativity At Every Opportunity

By Craig Daniels | Sep 6, 2016

A Leap Into Creativity Furthers Success Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. Pablo Picasso Most of us have come up against a situation where playing it safe was seemingly the smart choice, where not rocking the boat or sticking our neck out to …

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not afraid to fail

Not Afraid To Fail

By Craig Daniels | Aug 16, 2016
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make content relevant

The Key Is Relevant Content

By Craig Daniels | Aug 15, 2016
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working online creative work

Online Creative Opportunities

By Craig Daniels | Jul 6, 2016

Online Creative Work Is As Close As Your Imagination You hear it all the time, try freelance writing work out of your home, but these dry as dust non fiction jobs hold no interest for you. You’re a creative bent and you would like to use those skills in some sort of online creative work. …

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quality content creation

Importance of Quality Content

By Craig Daniels | Jul 5, 2016

We hear all the time about the importance quality content on a business website. And yes. it is important. When your customer arrives at your website they are going to in some way interact with your content, if they decide it is of poor or mediocre quality they will hit the back button in a …

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coffee shop

What Your Customer Wants

By Craig Daniels | Jul 1, 2016

Trying to decipher what your customer wants when they visit your website is no different than asking the same question about your customers needs if you ran a coffee shop. Meeting the needs of a customer doesn’t change all that much from business to business or business to website. Think about it. Do you have …

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create headlines like frosting a cake

Create Headlines Like You’d Frost A Cake

By Craig Daniels | Jan 9, 2016

Always Create Headlines With The Reader In Mind Recently I found myself stopping and staring into the windows of the local bakery. I marveled at the hand woven baskets overflowing with fresh baked bread, rolls and croissants, but it was the cakes that caught my attention on a deeper level. There must have been a …

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are you curious

Cultivate Curiosity In Your Business

By Craig Daniels | Nov 27, 2015

How to Cultivate Curiosity in Your Company It’s great to hire curious people, but over time, people’s curiosity can fade. Sometimes, employees become complacent, and the work environment stifles curiosity. Luckily, there are things you can do to both encourage curiosity and keep it alive where it already exists: Provide consistent learning opportunities. Whether you …

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Lots of Things You Need to Know About Creativity

By Craig Daniels | Nov 2, 2015

Creativity Is Easy and Not Easy To Find Creativity is often one of those words meaning everything and nothing at the same time depending on your relationship to it the moment it pops into your head or you see it staring at you from a webpage. If you’re moving forward on a project it might …

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