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Who among us hasn’t wrestled with the demon procrastination? And who among us hasn’t found themselves condemning their lack of action as inexcusable? Have you lectured yourself to Stop Procrastinating only to to give into the next distraction that came along? It’s amazing how we batter ourselves over failing to follow the magical 3 word slogan from Nike, Just Do It. But maybe it’s not about our failings at all, maybe there is something behind our struggle with getting things done. Maybe we are all wrong about why we can’t seem to stop procrastinating.

I’ve scoured both YouTube and Vimeo for wisdom and insight into the motivation and struggle we all know when we try and stop procrastinating and I believe I’ve found a number of gems that are straight to the point as well as offering some humorous takes on our old friend procrastination. There are only 10 total so as not to drive anyone crazy with too much info and to not to take up too much of your time.

In the video above Mel Robbins shares with us that she believes that procrastination is a habit and one that can be broken. I’ve never heard the habit idea before, but after thinking about it I tend to think it makes sense.

If as Robbins believes procrastination is a habit that we develop to deal with stress in our lives than it gives us something we can work at to break. The video is under 4 minutes and well worth a watch.

There are many distractions that grab our attention when we are attempting to meet a deadline of simply attempting to finish a small task. I found this video to be humorous as it lays out many of distractions we choose to attach our attention when feeling the need to procrastinate.

run time is 4:28

Well known YouTube presenter Brian Johnson of Philosopher Notes explores the well know book The Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl. In a very informative 15 minutes Brian helps us to understand the book and boils it down to 5 main points. His presentation is energetic and enjoyable.

The 2nd humorous animated video on this list looks at all the things we do as we sit at our desk trying to work. It’s nicely done and the background music fits really well.

The author of the video offers a unique approach of focusing tightly on the immediate workspace.

run time is 1:25

The narrator starts off talking about forgiving ourselves as a first step to overcoming procrastination, which is interesting.

Lasting a quick 11 minutes with a message divided into 6 easy to understand steps that we can use when we notice we are leaning toward old familiar procrastination.

When you feel the need to procrastinate you might try reading this Haiku to help you explore ways to Stop Procrastinating. I’ve watched this haiku video over and over and find it both thought provoking and enjoyable.

run time is 17 seconds.

The seventh video in my list is one of the longest as well as the most dense. But I assure you Leo never fails to deliver content that is thoughtful and useful and this one is no exception.

We sift through the world of science, studies, data and theories to uncover what we know about procrastination and to find out if it’s possible to move beyond it.

This last animated video is about the struggle we all face with the countless distractions of everyday when we are connected to our computer and cell phone 24/7.

I found it thoughtful and very well done.

running time is under 2 minutes

This video is for those who love the rah rah motivation from the movie Rocky. This is a hit procrastination in the gut and get things done video.. I found it upbeat and fun, though I don’t think it gives us much sometimes a good pep talk hits the nail on the head.

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