Beat The Big Brands In Search

Beat The Big Brands In Search

It’s no surprise that Big Brands have an edge within the search results. Google and Bing love Starbucks and JC Penny for lots of reasons not the least is the big brands are already trusted by millions of people. In spite of the scales tipping in their direction it’s still possible to Beat The Big Brands In Search. But I’m not talking about taking them on head to head, no I’m talking about using Innovation and Guerrilla  Tactics to get your business noticed in search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done correctly can take your website to new levels within search results.

  1. Mine Your Niche Keywords
    Keyword research is often neglected by small businesses, that’s too bad because it’s a cost effective way to bump up your business on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). One easy way to start finding the keywords that people actually type into search engines is to create a list of 10 keywords phrases that most describe your business products or services. Use those keywords in any good keyword tool as your starting point to finding hundreds more good traffic keywords to build your pages and posts around. Google’s Keyword Tool is a great start and free to use. You’ll need an Adwords account but, it’s free to setup if you don’t have one.
  2. Pump-up Your Titles
    The first key to what you page or post is about is the Title of the page. Each page needs a keyword based engaging title to let both users and search engines know the point to your content. Each post or page also needs to be about one main thing, pages that have 3 or 4 main subjects confuse not only the readers but also the search engines. So keep it simple. Here you’ll find some great specific Title Writing Tips from Copyblogger
  3. Craft A Great First Sentence
    Your web pages exist first to grab the readers attention so they will want to read more and second the first sentence needs to give cues to the search engines telling them what topic or niche the page is about. Your first sentence should be construed around the keyword phrase and be bold, maybe even controversial. The first sentence should engage the readers and stop them in their tracks.
  4. Guerrilla Tactics
    One easy to do Guerrilla Tactic is to spy your top competitors spending a couple of hours seeing what they are doing. What keywords are they using and how are they presenting their content. You don’t want to copy their content but you do want to do the things that are working for them. If their audio and video is successful then it’s something you will want to start doing. What your looking for as you spy on your competitors is what is engaging the users. Take a cue from your competitors and start doing it better.

The four tactics I laid out above will go along way in helping you Beat The Big Brands In Search. Using imagination and ingenuity to quickly change and adapt to the market will give you a decided edge in the battle with the competition.

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