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Don’t Get Caught In A Search Engine Rut

Our daily use of the same search engines may seems trivial but in reality it hurts not only our business it hurts our customers as well. Each search engine has a series of algorithms that favor some website while excluding others, this favoritism may be deliberate, it may be the result of lack of space on a search result page or the preference may be based on nothing more than an overly complicated algorithm. Whatever the reason a search engine has for its bias the end result may be that you, your business and your customers are not getting the results they need or want.

It should come as no surprise that the big search providers have an interest in keeping you on their website and not making it easy for you to connect with any alternatives in search. I don’t know of any business that eagerly points you in the direction of its competitors, it’s not good business. But the big search engines have no stake in what’s good for you or your business, they could care less if your business shows up on the first page of the search results.

Give some thought to using a different search engine a couple of days a week. Maybe on Tuesday you use and then on Thursday you scale back a bit and use instead of you know who. The more we all use alternatives in search the stronger other search engines will become the more choices we’ll have, oh and the cheaper the advertising rates for our businesses will be, that’s not a bad thing.

Below I added a list of some of the alternatives in search that I hope might peak your interest and spur you on the road to regularly trying different search engines. Can you imagine eating the same bowl of mashed potatoes day in and day out? Well using the same search engines day in and day out is a bit like a bowl of potatoes sitting in front of you everyday month after month and year after year. Yuk! Add some flavor to your searches and help build a healthier and more competitive search environment.

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And for even more about this subject check out my page on search engine alternatives … Got any thoughts on this subject? If so please leave a comment.

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