A Blog Title Is Paramount To Success

The secret to capturing new readers to your blog is in creating a title and first sentence for each post that wows the reader. The reader generally only sees the title and part of the first sentence on a search result page amongst other results on the same topic.

Each title and first sentence for each post you write sits in a bowl of competitive results. Ask yourself, will my title and first sentence be good enough to lure readers to my blog? Will my carefully crafted title and first sentence elicit excitement and cause a need to know within the reader’s mind?

Ask yourself, will the wording of my title and first sentence grab the attention of the reader with enough pluck that a question forms in their mind needing to be answered, a question that causes them to click on your link and come to the your blog.

A good blog post should always be something unique in its approach to a subject and always useful to the reader. Readers are looking to take something away from their experience, something they can integrate into their lives swiftly.

You can take your expertise and use it to share thoughts about any of the following

  • A Movie You Just Viewed
  • A Book You Just Read
  • A Trip You Just Returned From
  • An Outing To A New Restaurant
  • A Recent Lecture You Attended
  • Progress On A Book You Are Writing
  • An Overview Of A New Client
  • An Anecdote About A Previous Client
  • Societal Parallels With Your Work

The trick here is paint a recent event your participated in and using the brush of your experience paint a picture (blog post) of that event, of that experience. Share with your readers how the movie you just saw is relevant to seeing their business in a new way.

Give your readers insight that allows them to integrate that into their lives. If you do this they will come back for more information and some of them will start sharing how they see things, with this community takes form.

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