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Engage Your Employees To Grow Your Business

Employees engage with employers and brands
when they’re treated as humans worthy of respect.

Meghan Biro

One thing that will remain true till infinity is; an employee who is treated well will go the extra mile for your business. Think about that for a moment, and also think about how great it would be if each of your employees used some of that extra mile enthusiasm to promote your business outside of work by talking about it on social media. If you’re anything like me that thought will make you sleep well tonight.

Making the effort to engage your employees is neither time consuming nor expensive it mostly requires you to make a commitment to interact with and treat each employee as a valuable person as well as an asset to your business.

Start off by encouraging your employees to post news about the company they find exciting and news worthy. When posting they need to do more than upload an image, they need to write some text and possibly add a link to a larger story or resource. Perhaps something like; “I’m excited about a new product or service we just rolled out and wanted to share it with everyone.”

If the words posted are not authentic people will pick up on that and treat the announcement as nothing but another advertisement. Inauthentic is no way to grab the interest of customers nor is it a good way to engage your employees. Have a 30 minute workshop on how employees can relate online.

Reward both employees and customers with discounts, mentions in the newsletter or even extra entries into an in house contest. those who are getting lots of notices and results online deserve recognition, be creative in your approach.

Another approach is to create in house teams that can be sent to events and trade shows wearing company gear. Start an group ambassador program and of course cover the events costs generously. Having 4 or 5 employees wandering the halls of a trade show asking questions and handing out info will make a huge impression and it will engage your employees.

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Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated workers
cannot compete in a highly competitive world.

Francis Hesselbein


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