an idea can appear from nowhere

An Idea Can Appear From Nowhere

An idea can appear as if from nowhere
when we quiet and open our minds.


How often have you wondered if there might be an easy way to get to all the ideas popping in and out of your consciousness. You know your mind is full of good ideas, yet they seem out of reach when you need them the most. Maybe you’ve tried hitting your skull with a Nerf bat or maybe you’ve drank a quadruple latte with 5 sugars, yet nothing usable has made itself available to you.


What can you do to loosen the fruit from the tree? How does someone meet a deadline when An Idea Can Appear From Nowhere in its own sweet time?


One of the keys is to spend more time in the flow of ideas and to train yourself and your mind in the art of the flow. Spend more time being quiet and open to all the chatter constantly making itself known in your consciousness. Try meditating or maybe reading more will aid you in getting more in touch with your mind’s flow.


One of my favorite ways to have a better functioning mind is to Walk everyday – Creative thinkers who walked nearly everyday day have included Beethoven, Virginia Woolf. Steve Jobs, Charles Dickens and Aristotle. These walkers were not getting outdoors for the sole purpose of walking fast and getting it done, no they would wander sometimes for hours taking in the sights and sounds of the trails and cities as they walked. Steve Jobs like to hold important meeting with his team while they walked. Of course walking for hours is not always practical, but 20+ minutes each day can fit everyone’s schedule.


Walking can almost effortlessly create an environment where an idea can appear from nowhere. Who knows out of nowhere might become a bountiful place you’ll want to spend time visiting more and more. Always remember, Ideas Are Waiting for you to find them.


And here’s an article from Stanford that found walking improves creativity, it’s short and a good read. If you see me on my daily walk give me a wave… 🙂

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