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Welcome to Organic Hat, we love helping Small Business

create and maintain their websites along with marketing campaigns that meet today’s demands.

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Our Thinking

For over 20 years Organic Hat has promoted one idea above all others, that idea is Simplicity.

While others have huge mountains of ideas and gimmicks we continue to believe that giving the

customers and clients what they want is the best way to do business. And in the long run

clear and concise ideas are the way to go for long term success.


If you haven’t already created a marketing mission than this is a great time to write down what you want people to know about you, your employees and your business. Create a couple of lists that can be shared and marketed.


Before you promote your business yourself or hire an agency to do it for you, create a vision of where you want your businesses to be in 5 years. Include new products and services along with its size .

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Your customers or potential customers have an idea of what they want to spend their hard earned dollars on, and maybe it’s what you offer. But before that customer actually makes a purchase they will be tempted by your direct competitors and yes, even your indirect competitors will influence them.


To those in small business every move taken is marketing, every improvement to packaging and each upgrade in service offers your customers a story about your business.

Your customer is searching for a reason to do business with you. Ask yourself, what makes my business unique? How do my products and services differ from my competitors


One of my favorite examples of a small business understanding the importance of being different than your competitors was my uncles candy store.

Each morning my uncle would arrive at his candy store at least an hour before the employees and before his customers had even crawled out of bed. After unlocking the door the first thing he’d do was wash both sides of the glass in the front door and then he’d touch up the big glass windows that showcased his products.

My uncle knew that other stores sold candy and treats and that customers may not go out of their way to come to his store only because his candy was hand made in his store. “People are busy and distracted, I need to entice them to want to come here, not just for the candy but for the experience as well,” he often told me.

To create a mem·o·ra·ble experience he would change the displays each day in the two large front windows, it was those displays that caught the attention of passersby and enticed others to go out of their way to see the daily creations.

candy shop window


Look around as you walk about at night or during the early morning. What do you see in the windows of stores and offices. What do you see that stands out, that’s memorable?


Consulting Services


Growth Strategy

Customer loyalty is often overlooked when thinking about a growth strategy. We can help pinpoint some ways to help keep customers coming back that will build a strong foundation for growth.


Strategy & Marketing

Collaborating with other small businesses in joint marketing campaigns is a great way to build an ongoing set of events that are both repeatable and require less cash and time to create.


Performance Improvement

Every website needs to be optimized for more than Search Engine Op·ti·mi·za·tion (SEO) In today’s market page speed can be as important as keywords and unique content.


A Great Resource For Marketing Ideas